How successful the “Airlift to Berlin” with its highly demanding logistics was can also be seen in the number of flights and the quantities of goods flown in. To give you an idea of the dimensions of it, we present some of the numbers here.

Airlift Statistics

Tonnage in US Short tons (1 Short ton = 907 Kilogramm)

Coal US 1.421.730 T.
GB 164.800 T.
Food US 296.303 T.
GB 241.713 T.
Miscellaneous US 65.540 T.
GB 135.723 T.
Total: 2.325.809 T.
Passengers to Berlin US 24.216
GB 34.815
Passengers from Berlin US 36.584
GB 130.091
Total: 225.706
Flights to and from Berlin US 379.688
GB 175.682
Total: 555.370
First flight with goods for Berliners: 28. June 1948
Last Airlift-flights: 30. Sept. 1949 (US)
6. Oct. 1949 (GB)
Highest Tonnage in 24 hours: 12.940 T.
Greatest number of flights in 24 hours: 1.398 flights
Fatalities during the Airlift. 39 (on the Britisch/Commonwealth side)
31 (on the American side)
at least 8 (GER)